Whipped Crêperie & Dessert Bar

As promised, here is my review of Whipped!

So, as I said before in my Gaetano’s review, we had a not-so-great dinner there, but it led to an amazing dessert here, at Whipped Crêperie & Dessert Bar! Actually, on our way to dinner I spotted this little place and instantly became sad because I missed crepes and thought there was no way they had anything gluten free. But then, at the end of dinner, I checked Find Me Gluten Free to help decide whether we would have dessert at the restaurant or if there was anywhere nearby with something sweet. That is when I saw that Whipped has gluten free crepes. This was at the same moment that our waitress came to our table and asked us if we wanted dessert, and I said with a little too much excitement (and a little aggression), “NO.

So we walked over to Whipped and sat down and ordered our crepes. Most of the crepes can be made gluten free, but obviously not the ones with cookies or graham crackers or anything obviously gluten-y in them. If you’re not sure if something in the filling is GF, always ask. I ordered the Classic (strawberries, bananas, and Nutella) and my mom got the Monkey’s Choice (bananas, peanut butter sauce, and walnuts).


Classic & Monkey’s Choice

These crepes are sooooo good! The filling was delicious, the crepe itself was amazing, even the whipped cream was great! The Nutella/peanut butter sauce was both on top and inside, and man it’s just so damn good! Also, they are huge. It doesn’t seem that big when you get it, but once you start eating, it’s very filling. There was no way me or my mom were finishing these! We ended up taking the rest of what we had home and giving it to my dad (have food leftovers? Give them to my dad, he’ll take care of that). If I’m being picky, the only annoying thing about them was that they were a little tough to cut through so you have to use a knife, but that’s probably because the GF crepe batter is thicker than the typical gluten-filled crepe batter.

We visited a few weeks later after another dinner in Red Bank, and now that we knew how filling they are we ordered just one for me, my mom, and my dad to share. This time we got the Mixed Berries crepe, which has strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We also added Nutella for $1 extra, which was totally worth it. The second time at Whipped was just as fantastic as the first! And seriously, aren’t these crepes just so pretty??

mixed berries crepe

I really love this place so much. It’s so unique; I’ve never seen another restaurant with gluten free crepes. They don’t just have dessert though, they also offer lunch crepes (which sound weird to me but they’re probably good) and breakfast crepes, as well as Belgian waffles and other breakfast foods. I’m dying to try one of the breakfast crepes with Greek yogurt, mixed berries, granola (which I do have to ask to make sure it is gluten free first), and honey, but that would require me waking up and being ready early enough to actually do it.

I’m so happy we discovered Whipped, and this will definitely become a regular spot for me. I can’t wait to go back!

Link to Whipped menu