Nothing Bundt Cakes

nothing bundt cakes gluten free

My birthday was about two weeks ago, and one of my best friends got me a mini gluten free bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes! That’s the kind of friends you need—the ones that buy you gluten free cakes. I’d heard that this bakery makes gluten free cakes, but I never tried them before. Which is why I was so happy when she handed me the brown paper bag with a big “Nothing Bundt Cakes” sticker on it! She got me the chocolate chip cookie flavor, which was a perfect choice. I’m not sure what other flavors they have; according to their website, you have to contact your local bakery to find out what gluten free products are offered. Unfortunately, because they also make gluten-filled bundt cakes, they are not prepared in a gluten free environment, and this is clearly stated on the packaging. So there is a chance of cross contamination, but I didn’t have any problems.

nothing bundt cakes gluten free

This was the cutest little cake I’ve ever seen. I mean come on, a mini bundt cake? Adorable. The cake itself was amazing! It was soft and moist and the flavor was wonderful. My only complaint is the icing. While delicious (it was cream cheese icing), it was just a little too sweet for my taste, but that’s just because I’m not that into really sweet things. I imagine this wouldn’t be a problem for most people, or anyone with a big sweet tooth. Overall, this was probably one of the best gluten free cakes I’ve had. The consistency was just awesome. The chocolate chips were a little crunchy inside, so they gave it a little different texture. This bundt cake was pretty close to perfection.

nothing bundt cakes gluten free

Hopefully some time soon I can go to my local Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery to check it out for myself! I’m curious about any other flavors they may have. They also make a couple different sizes (which you can see here), so it would be cool if they made a full size gluten free bundt cake that a bunch of people could share at a party or event. There are so many Nothing Bundt Cakes locations; I would definitely recommend heading to one closest to you! 🙂

(Find your local Nothing Bundt Cakes)


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