gluten free deliciously europe

Gluten Free Deliciously is going to Europe!!!

Yes, this summer my family and I are going on a European cruise!! We’ll be sailing with Carnival Cruise Lines in July, on the Carnival Vista. I’ve sailed with Carnival before since being gluten free, so I know that the dining staff on the ship is very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to finding GF food, and there’s always so many options at dinner. The ship leaves from Barcelona, Spain, and goes to Italy (Sicily, Capri & Pompeii, Rome, and Florence & Pisa), France (Marseille), and back to Spain (Palma de Mallorca). I cannot wait! I’m so excited, especially for the food experience. That’s the most important experience anywhere right?? I’m interested to see how they do gluten free over there. I was a little sad that I will be surrounded by gluten-filled pizza and pasta and bread in Italy, but I’m sure their gluten free options are still better than what we’ve got here! It’s gonna be awesome.

I will be excited to share my experiences on and off the ship with you!! 🙂


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