Here it is everybody, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

My first negative review (aww 😦 )

So a couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went to Gaetano’s, a little Italian restaurant in Red Bank, NJ. This was actually not our first visit; we’d been there a year or two ago but I couldn’t remember whether I liked it or not. So with our hopes high, we returned again. It was pretty exciting that they had a separate gluten free menu—usually that can be a good sign.

gaetanos menugaetanos mussels

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the worst place I’ve ever eaten. There were good things about it. As an appetizer, we got the Mussels with red sauce, and they were delicious. I wasn’t 100% sure before I ordered them whether I liked mussels or not, but apparently I love them! They were cooked very well and the sauce was very tasty. I really liked them a lot.

gaetanos pasta

As entrees, I got the Penne a la Vodka and my mom got the Shrimp Fra Diavolo (minus the chilis because she doesn’t like spicy things). Let me first say that I love pasta; if I could eat it every day all day I totally would. However, this pasta was average at best. The pasta itself was not cooked well. This seems to happen pretty often with restaurants that offer gluten free pasta—they don’t really know how to cook it right so they just wing it, and it doesn’t always turn out very well. It was pretty undercooked and was a weird texture. No bueno. As for the sauces, my vodka sauce was pretty good. The pancetta in it made it so much better. My mom’s sauce was okay, and the shrimp were cooked well. Overall, it was nothing exceptional.

The worst part about Gaetano’s was the price. For an average meal, this was super expensive. In total, we ended up paying about seventy dollars. Seventy. Dollars. For a meal that was only average. Totally not worth it.

To conclude, we will not be returning here. In fact, the best thing about this outing was actually what came after the dinner. We went around the corner to Whipped Creperie & Dessert Bar, which was amazing.

Stay tuned for my review of Whipped coming soon. 😀


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    • I don’t think they made it in advance, I think they just didn’t cook it right. I do know how GF pasta gets after being refrigerated or sitting for too long (it’s definitely always better when made fresh), but I don’t think that’s what their problem was.

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