Chaang Thai

I would like to start off by saying this: Chaang Thai has the greatest thai food I have ever eaten in my life. A very bold statement, I know, but this food is fantastic. We discovered this place when we were dropping my brother off at college last year, and we had to find places that I could eat. I had pretty low expectations; I didn’t think West Virginia seemed like the kind of place where I would eat some of the best gluten free food I’ve had. I was proven very, very wrong.


Every time we visit, the Chaang Pad Thai and Chaang Fried Rice are a must-have. We literally cannot go here without getting them. This pad thai is the best pad thai I’ve ever tasted. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it so delicious, but whatever it is, it’s amazing! Ever since I tried this, I’ve tried pad thai from many other restaurants, but there’s just nothing that can live up to how good this is. As for the fried rice, while I cannot say it is my favorite fried rice ever (it’s a very close race between this and P.F. Chang’s), it is delicious. My favorite thing about it is that they put pineapple chunks in it—the pineapple gives it such a great flavor. I absolutely love both of these dishes!


My dad is a curry kind of guy, so he got the Chaang Coconut Massaman. I tried a bite and thought it was tasty, and my dad calls it “delicious, wonderful, and authentic.”

I love this place so much that when my parents went to visit my brother at WVU for a football game, I had them bring me back a meal from Chaang Thai. Another great thing about the food from here is that it’s just as good as a leftover. Specifically, this is nice for the pad thai, because in my experience rice noodles haven’t really held up well after being reheated.

Overall, I love this place so much. There is no question that this is one of my favorite restaurants ever.

Link to Chaang Thai menu


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