Earth Pizza


Earth Pizza has become my go-to restaurant for gluten free pizza. I love love love it, and they have everything! Appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and a large selection of desserts—basically, almost everything on the menu can be made GF. But this isn’t just any pizza place that offers some gluten free choices; they state on their website that they “have many gluten-free and vegan options available to allow folks with Celiac disease or special dietary needs to eat safely here at Earth Pizza.” They also “take great pride and care when serving our customers who have food allergies.” This is very reassuring to know that they create a safe kitchen environment to keep the gluten free foods actually gluten free, with no cross contamination. On this day, I visited with my parents. My dad and I both got personal size pizzas, my mom got a sandwich, and we all shared an order of the buffalo wings. If any restaurant I go to has GF buffalo wings, there is a 99% chance I will be ordering them, and at Earth Pizza, they are delicious. They have a nice, slightly crispy exterior and great flavor. Another appetizer that we sometimes get is the 3-Dip Flatbread. I love the GF flatbread and my favorite of the dips are the tapenade, marinara, and hummus (see menu for other dip options).


As for the pizza, I’ve been here so many times I’ve kind of personalized my order; I always get the Eggplant and Mozzarella pizza with no red onions, and with roasted garlic and bruschetta. It is so delicious, and the crust is nice and thin and crispy. My dad got the Aloha pizza, which had bacon, pineapple, and red onion, and although I’m not a fan of red onions, I thought it was awesome. I am in love with all the pizza from this place. Some other kinds that I’ve tried are the Pizza A La Burger, the Margherita, and the Mediterranean, and all of these are also super tasty!

Eggplant & Mozzarella

Eggplant & Mozzarella



This time was the first time I’ve ever tried a sandwich from here (the Chicken Pesto), and I realized that I have been totally missing out. I wish I’d had one of their sandwiches earlier!! The bread was so fantastic and soft, I would’ve just bought a dozen of those rolls right there if I could’ve. Not to mention what was inside the sandwich was just as fabulous.


To finish off the meal, we ordered the Homemade Brownie and added some hazelnut gelato. This brownie was so good! The texture reminded me a little more of a cake than a brownie (it was a little fluffier than a brownie usually is), but that is definitely not a bad thing! The gelato worked really well with it, but was also just as good on its own.


I also need to stress that Earth Pizza has one of the most extensive lists of GF desserts I’ve seen. They offer 9 different dessert options that are or can be made gluten free, and that is A LOT!

I really always feel so taken care of at Earth Pizza; it’s so nice to be able to have pretty much whatever I want and have so many options!

Link to Earth Pizza menu


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